statement - Paula Ortega
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Paula Ortega is a London-based artist concerned with what constitutes the objects we use and admire, their origin and the trace they eventually leave, whilst challenging our perception of their value. A trained opera singer, she also studied music composition and received a BA in audio-visual communication before training in jewellery making in London.

Paula is relentlessly curious, precise and passionate about materials and processes and is constantly teaching herself new techniques to realise her ideas which invariably fall outside her current realm of knowledge. This bridging of concept to finished work is a part she relishes.

Paula is inspired by fractals and the unseen structures and patterns in our world – both created by nature and humankind. She is part of a materials revolution, where artists and makers are not only making objects, but also creating sustainable materials with which those objects are made. She has developed a unique casein-based material and her Footprints series of sculptures explores the ideas behind the lifespan of an artwork.